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Show Information
Hosts Luke Burbank, Jen Andrews, Sean De Tore
Notable Guests Rap Master Maurice, Jane Strauss, TBTL Players
Events Unknown
Song of the Summer Little Jackie: The Stoop

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January 2008
# Date
1 - Hour 1 January 7, 2008
Welcome to the show. Luke's radio memories.
1 - Hour 2 January 7, 2008
Awesome Not Awesome: Sunset Bowl is closing, Parade Magazine didn't realize Bhutto died, Seahawks win. TBTL is Mystery-Solvers: Orion is A-Risin'.
2 - Hour 1 January 8, 2008
Welcome to the Show

Interview with Darren Garnick, who got his baby photographed with every presidential candidate but one.

2 - Hour 2 January 8, 2008
Round Table: Fashion scene in Seattle? Interview with Jasmine Park, blogger for, and Darby Reed, former child model.

TBTL is mystery Solvers

3 - Hour 1 January 9, 2008
Welcome to the Show

Grammar Lady Jane Straus: “begging the question”, solipsism”, “garnish”

3 - Hour 2 January 9, 2008
"Broke as a Joke in Seattle."

Luke’s pal Kelly and Engineer Sean trade stories on surviving Seattle when you’re broke. Sean talks about the medical experiments he’s subjected himself to cin order to make ends meet.

4 - Hour 1 January 10, 2008
Welcome to the Show

AwesomeNotAwesome: Polar Bears in Germany, Edmund Hillary and Johnny Grant, John Kerry’s endorsement, 30 Rock is on tonight, H&M is coming

4 - Hour 2 January 10, 2008
In defense of American Gladiators: Interview with Joshua Alston of Newsweek

Letter from Listener Lisa: Can your bed disqualify you as a good date?

5 - Hour 1 January 11, 2008
Welcome to the Show

Sunset Bowl

5 - Hour 2 January 11, 2008
TBTL is Mystery Solvers: Mystery Solved

AwesomeNotAwesome: Married Twins, Smokers compare themselves to Jews in Germany

6 - Hour 1 January 14, 2008
Welcome to the Show: Listener emails and voicemails

AwesomeNotAwesome: Steriods investigation, Roger Avary manslaughter charges, Golden Globes, Seahawks loss

6 - Hour 2 January 14, 2008
Finding Happiness: Interview with Dan Buettner, who traveled the world to find out which nations have the happiest people

Panic at the Disco dropped their exclamation point! How important are show names?

7 - Hour 1 January 15, 2008
Welcome to the Show: Storm coverage

Tattoo Removal: Luke needs to edit his tattoo

7 - Hour 2 January 15, 2008
Too Cool for School: did David Cross do himself in?

Our celebration of all things “30 Rock”


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