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Hosts Luke Burbank, Jen Andrews
Notable Guests Unknown
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Song of the Summer Jenny O: Well OK Honey

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January 2011
# Date Title
January 3, 2011
Luke and Jen share their resolutions for 2011, compare notes on recent public urinations, and go down an IMBD rabbit hole titled "hey what happened to the cast of Malcolm in the Middle?"


February 2011
# Date Title


March 2011
# Date Title


April 2011
# Date Title


May 2011
# Date Title


June 2011
# Date Title
839 June 15, 2011 Spidey Sadness
Luke and Jen parse Spiderman reviews, try to define Hefner's troubles, question the phenomenon of Pippa Fever and, finally, attempt an Iowa Call Makers.
840 June 16, 2011 TBTL is Car Talkers
This is a best-of episode curated by Jen, containing three car-related segments. Jen's car has an emergency kit and Luke has a lot of questions. Plus, our guide to wearing a bluetooth, and DMV talk!
841 June 17, 2011 A Podcast on the Verge
This is a best-of episode curated by Jen, containing three segments in which one of our heroes went a little bit nuts. Luke and Vanessa tried to get another look at the house they were buying by going undercover as Casper and Gwendolyn/Bethany. Sean spends about an hour in the mirror aisle in Fred Meyer, trying to figure out if his glasses are level. And Jen gets stuck in an epic traffic jam on the viaduct and has about 9 different panic attacks.


July 2011
# Date Title


August 2011
# Date Title


September 2011
# Date Title


October 2011
# Date Title


November 2011
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December 2011
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