Dreamcatcher, a segment created by Andrew Walsh, is a segment in which Tens submit their dreams on Twitter using the hashtag tbtldreams. Tweets are used to keep the dreams short. After encountering many what seemed like phony dreams, the segment morphed into Dream Court, where Luke and Andrew also decide if the dreams are real.

Controversy Edit

Many of the Tens, including Mike Frizzel and Christy Wise, hosts of Little Red Bandwagon, a podcast about TBTL, can not stand this segment. Both Luke and Andrew have admitted that the segment is boring. Still, in the tradition of TBTL being bad radio, Luke and Andrew still do Dreamcatcher/Dream Court on a regular basis.

On the June 6, 2015 episode of Little Red Bandwagon, special guest Aidan (Will's son), said that Dreamcatcher is his favorite segment. When Christy asked him why he liked it he said, "I don't know, it just kind of interests me how people basically have the irrational feeling to put their own dream up and hope that it's played on there."

Music Edit

Dreamcatcher Edit

The dreamcatcher segment is backed up by the song "Dreamcatcher" from the 40 minute childrens' musical of the same name. Dreamcatcher is by John Jacobson & Mark Brymer.

Dream Court Edit

The dream court segment plays the Night Court theme behind that part of the segment

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