The Sounds That Luke & Andrew Make with Their B-o-dy Edit

Linh Pham has compiled the most popular drops over at Marsupial Gurgle

The Drops They Play on the Show Edit

Quote(s) Source Description Notes
"Now it's a whole thing with Jean."
"I was shaking. My tummy was shaking. My head was shaking. My arms were shaking, and my legs. My feet too."
"Hey, is it too early to get a fish sandwich?"
"Your story is a beautiful story... I love your story." Aftermath with William Shatner, Season 1 William Shatner talking to Mary Kay LeTourneau and Vili Fualaau. First use 8/24/2010
“I feel happy of myself.”
"Too busy blocking out the haters." Later used by Pennsatucky on Orange Is the New Black
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